Jennifer Morrison on wearing the Season 3 finale ball gown.

Peeta Mellark for Capitol Couture

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Interviewer: What’s amazing about Comic Con?

Candice: The fans that are so dedicated to spending a year to building their costumes. I think the costumes are one of the best things about Comic Con.

Paul: A year of waiting in line.

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JMo being the cutest  ♥‿♥

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I love this scene so much, and you know why?

That was Jake’s favorite cup. One of his favorite possessions and he throws it out the window to help teach Finn something important about life that we all need to learn: To stop worrying about small things.

Yeah, he does go get it later, but he had no way of knowing that the cup wouldn’t break. For all he knew, it really was gone forever. And he was okay with that, because it would help him teach Finn something he needs to know.

Reasons why Jake is my favorite.

And then BMO goes “OH NO MY FAVORITE WINDOW” hahahahaha

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